An Intuitive Healer Helping You Live More Mindfully

Jane’s skills became manifest while living in New York and New Jersey at an early age. It wasn’t until her teenage years that she recognized the extent to which society felt those talents and experiences were not acceptable but often feared, so she tried to suppress those inclinations. It didn’t work! After constant experiences with spirits, energies, and the wisdom provided by many masters, she realized that by developing and honing her natural raw talents and skills she could make a significant contribution to mankind's forward movement. In her 20s while living in California, she dedicated her life path to spiritual endeavors, which led to offering her services professionally in 1987.

Over the years, guidance directed and continues to direct Jane’s advanced training in order to offer teamwork to aid others in a myriad of ways. Always mind opening, inspiring, and healing, the work has provided an avenue for Jane to finally express her authentic self.


To lift humanity by leading individuals on a journey of spiritual expansion so they can become living examples of universal truths, which multiply higher frequencies to all living beings.


Using online classes, books, groups, and private coaching, Jane and guidance will lead progress towards the individual’s highest and best self. The focus will be on developing personal intuition and comprehension of universal knowledge.