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Transform Your Mind With Guidance From a Psychic

Jane is here to help reveal and open doors to your own evolution. When the doors open, you receive answers and confirmation, gain clarity, and manifest your dreams. Whether you need organization from chaos, simple to advanced information, or the resolution of conflict, she’s here for you. Knock on The Sacred Door.

You will enjoy the warm, nonjudgmental, no-nonsense atmosphere of your private or group session. With counseling, humor, and a willingness to make a real difference, Jane is truly unique and talented. Her great compassion for others and the enjoyment of bringing the unknown to illumination are contagious.

Different Solutions for Positive Change

To help you develop your intuitive abilities, Jane provides a variety of services, such as quantum healing and tarot reading sessions. Find out more about what she can do for you.

Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Certified Shaktipat Practitioner

“I have known Jane for over 10 years. During that time her readings and energy work, particularly soul retrievals have been priceless for my personal growth. Jane’s accuracy and gentle nature allows for a type of bond that is needed to help heal lifetimes of pain. She truly cares about the human experience.”

Gil Riegler
Oasis Camel Dairy

“I have been coming to Jane for so many years in times of trouble seeking answers. Jane has a way of not only giving me answers (and accurate at that) but offers compassionate solace and support. I come to her seeking answers and leave feeling lighter, healed and centered.”

Becky Potter, RN
Zhira Natural Healing/Healing Touch Practitioner

“I have known Jane from the Sacred Door for many years now. She is a truly gifted Psychic, a wonderful and warm person who I feel truly blessed to know. Her predictions have always been very accurate. Examples are she said a large black dog was coming into my life. Oreo, the largest border collie the vet had ever seen showed up one month later. She also predicted my boyfriends’ medical condition that presented itself within a week. Now realize, she had never met him until after he healed from his medical problem and had no information about him prior to the reading. Jane speaks the truth with warmth and understanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to her for guidance.”

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